Monday, May 21, 2012

What I did on my summer holidays

As we sadly come to the end of the STC Penticton Bike Camp it is time to reflect on the highlights and rather than subject you to more of my recollections I would like to offer the words, thoughts, impressions memories of some of the stars of the week.

Charles - The Good: friends, bike and sun for 7 days, what else can anyone ask for!!; The Bad: bike seat after 3 days; border crossing lady; The Gnarly: Running out of water at the top of Mount Baldy with a long climb to go; and Chute Lake ascent and descent.

Aryeh - A week of pain, suffering, eating, climbing, chirping, eating, and hammering. The Fun: hanging with friends and meeting new people to ride bikes with; spending more dollars on food than kilometers riden on day 6. The Pain: Apex, Chute Lake, and Lost Moose Lodge. The Hard: holding on to a vicious paceline on the way to the border. 

Tomo - Amazing week with great friends, thank for fabulous ride and lots of laughs!!!

Jared - Tanya's plane landed at 9:03 and by 9:20 we were rolling up green mnt. road.  High maintenance women???

Thomas - Great week of riding with friends. Weather was hot, days were long and pace was fast. Lowlight: My feet and my a$$ nuff said. Highlight: Decimating Darcy twice on Apex :)

Marcy- Lowlights...heat stroke and hallucinations on day 1, 4 flats day 2, a wasp flying into my jersey on a descent. Highlights...Derek and Harley pushing me up Green Mountain Road, Chute Lake gravel, waking up with a happy butt every morning, riding with all these fantastic friends!!

Darcy - Great week of riding with good friends. Lowlight: "How am I going to get down from Chute Lake?" Highlight: Somehow getting involved in a lead-out train going into Keromeos on the US ride. Thomas, September is a long ways away...

Derek - Highlights: Riding all seven days, beautiful weather, awesome people, letting Harley take Mt. Baldy and The Wall. Lowlights: Three flats, Mt. Baldy frame filing, exponential growth of saddle sores.

Emily - Highlight: Riding through Area 51 with the ladies and the fantastic weather! Lowlight: Missing all the good climbs. :-(

Shelley - Lowlight....the "horribly unpleasant descent" from Apex (the second time).....
      all....good friends, good rides, great support, all fun.

Heather - Lowlights: Pain when pedaling and breathing and as a result missing out on some good climbs
               Highlights: Feeling good enough day 7 to climb the 8k of gravel at Chute lake. Meeting some new friends and enjoying some good food, great wine and beautiful views.

Simon - Highlights: Mike Godfrey (ed. not sure what I did to deserve this, but thanks)
             Lowlights: Mike Godfrey (ed. here and I thought I was well behaved this week)

So there is a snap shot for you. If you came this week, awesome, hopefully these comments will trigger additional memories for you. For those of you who didn't make it, I'll say it one last time... until the next time I say it COME OUT TO PENTICTON next year!

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