Sunday, June 20, 2010

Banff Bike Fest awesomeness

Banff Bike Fest was another seamlessly-run, amazing event of bike-racing awesomeness.

The Invited Men's race was another super-tough and amazing experience. After an all-round solid performance, including using new-found pack-ninja skills to finish high in the 1A Sprint, Trev went into Sunday's RR as the Speed Theory GC leader, and did us proud, finishing with the lead pack and placing an amazing 12th in overall GC, in a strong field of 90 racers and numerous Canadian and US trade teams.

The overall GC winner in the Invited Men was Ian McKissick (Lenovo), who laid down a sick sub-26 minute time trial!

Looking forward to hearing reports from all the categories!

Clarke laying on the hurt in the 2/3 crit

Keith at the front of the lead pack in the 2/3 crit


Darcy G said...

It was an awesome, awesome weekend. A few of my thoughts:

1. A huge congratulations to the Speed Theory Women's Team. You had great representation at Banff, and are really pulling together as a group.

2. My thanks to Trev (wheels, helmet, and ST skinsuit), Dennis (for the TT bike), and Marilyn (for the sunglasses at the last second). Y'all share in my result!

3. Thanks to Michael for organizing the social stuff.

4. Great racing by all the Cat 5s this weekend. I believe we now say farewell to Chris Hooper, and Welchie can't be too far from cat 4.

5. Thanks to Frank W., whose face of pain, salt stains, and blood after the Tunnel Mtn. Road Race reminded me maybe lower cat racing isn't so bad after all. =)

6. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to all the friends and family who came out to watch us suffer. This is why we spend hours and hours in the dead of winter on indoor trainers...

Dennis said...

Kudos to all the ST team members who were able to participate - I think we had the largest club participation across all categories. There were 12 ST racers in the Cat5 ITT race alone!

There were so many great ST results that it would be a daunting task for me to list them here, but feel free to add them. Some notables (in addition to Trev's awesome trade team result):

- The entire invited men squad remaining intact before the Tunnel Mountain Road Race. It will be interesting to see the team GC placing once it is posted.

- Chris Hooper winning the Cat5 ITT with a time of 31:45, and 3rd place in the CR. No more Cat5 for you.

- Mark Jesse winning the Cat 2/3/4 Tunnel Mountain Road Race for Cat4, finishing in the first chase pack with a bunch of Cat 2/3 riders. Ready for Cat3 I would say.

Darcy G said...

And Mark Kay was out taking some great photos of all the events. The shots are available for purchase through his smugmug website: The man's a pro: throw some cash his way.

Clarke E said...

The road certainly laid the hurt on me and my bike, as can be seen by the caved in look of my shifters.

Thanks to Chris Hooper again for picking up my expensive bike computer after the crash.

Robert said...

What a cool event.
Excellent results.
From my short stay I can't wait to ride more next year.

roblukacs said...

As I left the course after being lapped in the 3,2 crit, Larry (?? - the super enthusiastic ABA volunteer) stopped me for a quick video interview. His line to introduce me was " just got lapped in the 3,2 crit, what's your name?" thanks, i didn't feel bad enough already but I appreciate you putting another dagger into my pride... :)

I had a great time nonetheless. Congrats to all who came out and to those who took home some hardware (and cash!!). It's always a successful event and I'll definitely be there again next year - hopefully a little faster.

Dennis said...

I've got a few pictures of the ST team and the Cat 5/4/3/2 ITT starts. I didn't get any of the invited men/women ITT starts because I was pressed into commissaire service for measuring bikes for those groups.

pics are here

It's fun to see everyone's first few pedal strokes of an ITT race. Unfortunately I had the ISO camera setting way too low so the motion in some pics is a little blurry... sorry. I was also too lazy to transfer them from Picasa to the group Flickr page... sorry.

Chewy said...

The hair-pin turn was surprisingly fun to do 21 times...

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