Monday, June 14, 2010

Calgary Stampede is around the corner .....

.... and that means it is time for the much anticipated summer beer mile. Stay tuned!

[Editor: Trev] To get some huge participation, we will run a few posts on what you can expect when you prepare and partake in a beer mile so everyone feels comfortable coming and doing it. Please note, this is NOT a sanctioned ST Cycling event nor is it condoned by the club. That being said, everyone will be there having fun. I think we will have a club challenge. Something like, if you can beat Ryan Murray and Mark Shand, the club pays for all your appetizers that evening at the pub or something. Also, if you match Handsome Rob's feat of 'The Double' you get all the food you want that evening because you are awesome.


Kyle Marcotte said...

Frank isn't even doing a beer-mile there. He's just throwing a can of beer at some puppies.

Watch out for Jared who is a sub 7 minute Beermiler.

Carson is unlikely to finish.

Mark said...

All I can say is .... YES!!!

Any bets on how many mLs Trev can swallow before he curls up in the fetal position and says he is done?

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