Monday, June 28, 2010

Women's Race at Nationals. The Hopper completes

The women's race was great to watch as the players were strong and the strategy completely different from the Men's. The women basically kept the pace high enough to dislodge riders through attrition but no attacks stuck and it ended in an exciting 38 cyclist field sprint. The Hopper got dislodged from the field only 1.5 laps from the finish and 'got er dun' by completing the course. The picture shows how Tanya was an active player in the pack before loosing contact. Congrats to Natalie, Marilyn, and Tanya for making Sunday morning exciting to watch for us.

(Picture from website)

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Marilyn said...

Dude, you raced like a pro. I was totally impressed when I saw you... through the peleton from way at the the front taking pulls. It was an intimidating group/race and you attacked it with no fear. Impressive.

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