Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feed for Masters Nationals

Guys, I am registered as an Elite this year since I wanted the opportunity to race beside some names I read about on Cyclingnews. However, looking at the course, I will be riding beside them for about 12km. Oh well, I am going to give it a shot.

Anyway, I plan on going up and watching the Master's Road Race, so I will be there for a feed for any Speed Theory racers. So make sure to get a hold of me before the race and we can all figure out a time and place to meet me before the race to pass me your bottles, gels, etc. I will also scream encouragement to you and profanities at your competition :)

Let's have a big Speed Theory dinner up there the night before the race. The whole dinner will be on the club, since it is nationals and I want as many people racing as possible. I will post the time and place the week before the race.



Anonymous said...

So can anyone shed light on the statement in the technical guide that "a tolerant attitude can be applied to time trial frames" for the masters nationals. Its in the annex of the guide. Does that really mean you can have the saddle tip over the bottom bracket etc and not be bound by any measurements or is it only referencing the latest issues about 3:1 aspect ratio. The guide says they will measure all TT bikes 10 minutes before the start time.

Dennis said...

I believe they are talking about enforcing the new 3:1 rule. Your bike frame (and seatpost) can violate the 3:1 rule this year only (for Masters races only). However, all riders (Masters and Elite) must have aerobars that comply with the 3:1 rule for Nationals this year... which for most of us means taping on some hard foam padding to make them 'thicker'.

AFAIK, you always need to comply with the 'seat tip 5 cm behind the bb' rule and the dreaded 'seat must be higher than the handlebars (excluding shift controls)' rule.

At Nationals races they make you line up at least 15 minutes before your start time so they can do a bike check in the staging area. They will measure every bike for the 5 cm rule, the seat height rule and possibly bike weight (must be 6.8 kg or heavier). Once your bike is checked you can't leave the staging area, and if you need adjustments to pass the check you only have a few minutes to do them before your start time. It's best to make sure your bike complies beforehand.

Harley Borlee said...

Trev, i could totally use a feed in the master A Road Race!!! That would be totally awesome! Who else is racing in the master A RR?

I will also race the crit since it is on the following day and wonder who all is in?

Thomas said...

I plan on racing the Master A, RR and Crit.

Carlos said...

Sure! I wouldn't mind someone passing me a cold one (bidon)!

Carlos (Mastes C)

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