Monday, June 14, 2010

The filming worked!

Just a quick follow-up post to let people know 'Project Complete 1st Person' was a huge success. I have a one person's complete 1st person view of an Olympic distance tri. Pretty neat. I hope to incorporate stuff like this into this year's spins to further 'up the bar' for my classes. The swim is crazy with people's legs and arms everywhere. The bike is fun since I am not a good swimmer, but a decent cyclist so I pass a lot, and then the run is fun since there are people out on the course everywhere. At one point a group of kids, seeing they would be on film, ran in front of me out of an aid station for a bit like I was Forrest Gump, pretty fun.

I was telling people on Sunday when they saw me with my camera poking out of my swim cap that sometimes you have to look absolutely ridiculous to be an innovator :) Hopefully I can put together a world's first (the filming) for my spin classes! I think even for my 'bike race' only spins, it will be interesting and we can vary the intensity based on the stage of the race.

There were a ton of Speed Theory Cycling's team at this event on the weekend. A lot of us compete in this event simply because it is so much fun, it is huge, the competition is good, and it is a bit of a tradition. I am not a triathlete anymore (cycling courses through my veins) but it is fun to switch it up a bit the odd time every season to keep things motivating and fresh. The Speed Theorists I know were there were: Tanya and Jared, Fast-Legs Frank, Kyle and Kelly, me, Dallas Cain, Darryl Parry, Alan Oickle, Jay Rankin and Chris Hooper. I think Mike Healy was supposed to be there, but we haven't heard from him.


JayR said...

I was there as well racing and soaking up the rays, finally. If I could put a swim together, Oh to be a swimmer.

Anonymous said...

My race report: Drove to Cranbrook, unpacked my stuff, got really sick, spent 36 hours comatose in a hotel bed, got up,loaded up the car, drove back to Calgary, unpacked, felt better.

AlanO said...

Can't wait to see the video.My race report. Have ablation treatment in May and proceed to withdrawal from every event of the season. Go to races and cheer on my kids.

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