Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm kind of a big deal: Lachlan Holmes

This just in from the road.... Lockie finished with the main pack at Nationals and tore it up!

He beat two Garmin Transition Guys as well as some other pros. More details to follow, just wanted to send out the news and props to Lockie.

Nice Work!

[Editor Trev:] The picture shows Lachlan in the start of the days most successful break. Eventually a few more guys would bridge across and the small group would work extremely hard to establish a massive gap. The pace was a little too extreme for a few of the break's racers and several got dislodged on the steepest of the course's 3 hills and this included Lachlan. However, by the time the pack caught him, he had had a chance to somewhat recover and integrated himself into the fast moving peloton. I got to witness Lachlan move directly towards the front third of the pack and stay there as an active racer just before I got ejected on the same steep climb 2 laps later. It was really exciting watching Lachlan race for the duration of the event. Mike G., Darcy, Marilyn, The Hopper, Natalie and I were screaming our heads off every time he would come through for another incredibly difficult lap. Congrats to Lachlan for a super race.

(Picture from website)


Thomas said...

Nice one Lockie!

Robert said...

no way
so pro

Rick C said...

Awesome ride and excellent suffering I am sure!

Please remember the little people when you go pro!

Mark said...

Impressive!! You quitting your day job on Monday??

- Mark J

Charles said...

Can I have your Autograph! ?

Cyrus said...

Lachlan needs to SHAVE HIS LEGS!
Seriously. Good ride though.

Simon F said...

Nice one!

Darcy G said...

A view from the feed zone:

Mike G. and I came up early Sunday morning, did a pre-ride of the Master's TT course, and then headed into Edmonton to work feed zone for the men's race. I found out quickly feeding in an Elite race is a little different than at the average ABA race. The racers came through at about 35 kmph (maybe faster). I was terrified the first couple of feeds, worried I was going to knock one of our guys, or perhaps some pro over from Europe, to the deck. Thankfully we were about to keep Trev and Lockie well-hydrated (except that we could have used some salt packets for cramping). Huge congratulations to the five ST riders who rep'd the club this weekend!

Schmoe said...

Good on ya Lock! We need to start writing the sponsors!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Way to go!

Keith Bayly said...

Well done!

I can imagine the pain you put up with for that finish.

Why is there hair on your legs?

Steve said...

WOW!!! Well done.

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