Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wednesday Night Series (WNS) Race


This Wednesday is Speed Theory's turn to host the best racing series in Alberta. Like doing hill repeats? Yes we are going to do a couple on Wednesday night on Township Road 214 just south of Highway 22 X in the Road to Nepal area. We will do the hill two times and points will be awarded for the fastest time and also for consistency in your two times up the hill. I'll measure the course out properly before the race so you will know exactly how long the pain will last. The below map is just approximate. The start will be near the T junction.

If there is a big turnout we will start the first run around 6:30 PM. If there is a smaller turnout you will likely get a chance to do one warm up repeat before we race. You can park at the school on Highway 22 X just north of the start or you can drive to the start area. Hopefully not everyone will drive to the start! Bring your weight weenie bike if you like, we won't weigh anything! We might check for bike doping though.

I will need a couple of volunteers from Speed Theory. One to help me with the timing and one for crowd control. Leave a comment if you can volunteer.

View WNS June 9 in a larger map


Tom K said...

Mike, I can volunteer.

Willy7 said...

More than willing to volunteer with the ITT Wednesday night. I seam to have developed some tendinitis in my knee, so that turns me into a helper. Willy

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