Monday, June 28, 2010

Does it say pro, or not?

(that's a quote from the xtranormal video)
And no, my license doesn't, and it wont unless I get the 8 grand I'm holding out for to go full-time pro. ;)

Which is why I was giddy just to be lining up with dudes from Garmin, Jelly-Belly, Cervelo Test Team, and Spider-Tech. Oh wow. Anyway, Trev did an amazing job of summing up how the race went down for me, so all I'll add is that without Darcy and Godfrey I absolutely would not have finished the race. I took a bottle from them on at least 6 laps! I had already taken a couple of bottles from them by lap 8 or 9 when I started having crazy cramps in my legs...I yelled out to them on the next feed, by the next lap, they had mixed up some gatorade jet-fuel for my bottles. It was so border-line...every muscle in my legs was taking turn...even my IT bands siezed momentarily! So thanks, dudes!

It was totally awesome to have the other nationals rock-stars out there, first putting on an inspirational show, like Tanya showing that there's no need to be intimidated - by the third lap she was on the front, pulling! and Marilyn showing huge determination by hammering to catch back on in the middle of the race, then I heard them cheering from different places on the circuit.

And of course I'm reminded how awesome it is to be part of the Speed Theory team when I see all the posts & comments on the blog. Thanks everyone! And yes, maybe it's time to shave my legs...


polishbaba said...

Nicely done Lockie and the rest of the Speed Theorists! Life is about taking chances and seizing opportunities. Way to go for all of you for partaking in this event. Whether you are first or last, the point is that you lined up to race at Nationals and lay down what you all had and to see what you could do. That is awesome! Give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back!


Shawna said...

Way to go Lockie!! I saw you on your breakaway at the top of Emily was pretty exciting!

Tom K said...

Nice work Lockie. We're all proud of you

Dallas said...

you don't have to shave your legs Lockie/ you have to be known for something in the Peleton on those days when you can't make the Big breaks.
just like Cyrus' B.O. :)

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