Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great Pigeon Lake Photos Here (UPDATE)

Heather Kay's husband, Mark, was out taking some great shots of the race last Sunday. Have a look through them, there are a ton of Speed Theory Cycling.

Mark has created a coupon for Speed Theory Racers to use at his site that will give you 25% off any picture order using the coupon code: speedtheory25. He donated the great shot to the left!

Here is the exciting finish with Speed Theory going 1 and 2 in the Cat4 mens race. Congrats to Mark Jesse and Clarke Ellis for their wicked performances!

The full gallery can be found here.



Dennis said...

Some great pics of Trev's breakaway as well which lasted 4 laps.

Jevon Almond said...

congrats Mark/Clark on the performances!

Clarke E said...

Thanks guys! I finally executed a good tactical race. Did no work besides the little bit that I did when I thought a serious break was forming, and just sat in until the sprint. When we rounded the last corner there were a few guys that went, but I waited until I saw someone who had a decent chance go and I jumped on second wheel behind him. Perfect lead out. I thought I had it until Mark passed me at the last second. I was so glad to see it was him!

Awesome race! Now that I'm in cat 3 I'm really scared...

AlanO said...

Nice Work !!

Mark said...

Thanks guys, congrats to Clarke on the upgrade to Cat3. The Cat4 race was surprisingly mellow except for a few unsuccessful breaks by a couple of guys. We had a crash on the last lap that Michael Godfrey and I narrowly missed. We TT'd back up to the pack but I was a bit rattled after that. Not sure of injury status of other riders - hopefully nothing major and everyone is ok.

It all came down to the final sprint and a bunch of guys took off early. Clarke and I waited until the right moment and then hit the gas. I felt strong and snuck by Clarke in the final few meters (sorry buddy!).

Great race, looking forward to Banff!

- Mark J

Lockie said...

Great work, Mark and Clarke! Deserved top finishes.

Sweet photos too, Mark K...except that you didn't catch me in my 2 minute breakaway... ;)

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