Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Banff downtown Crit spectator awesomeness

Guys... even if you aren't racing this weekend try to make it out to watch the Criteriums on Saturday night. Even your significant other will be entertained when you take them for a nice dinner in Banff and then hit the streets and yell at the racers! It is a very spectator friendly event and most of the club's racers will be in the multiple event line up. Wear your ST Cycling jacket and cheer like crazy. We will have an ST Cycling tent erected on the 180 degree corner like last year, so feel free to come with a lawn chair and a cooler and enjoy the action with the rest of the club from there.

See you there. Getting super pumped for the weekend!


1 comment:

Dennis said...

I'm making sacrifices to the weather gods for Saturday...

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