Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rosters for Elite/Master's Nationals

Ok, this event also deserves top billing on the blog. Who is all heading to Nationals this weekend and next?

Elite Nationals:

Men: Trev W. Lockie H.
Women: Marilyn T, Natalie, The Hopper

Master's Nationals:

Master Men A: Darcy G. (TT, RR, Crit. I'm going for a good time, not a long time.), Thomas Y. (TT, RR, Crit), Slayer Dan (TT, RR, Crit)

Master Men B: Dennis B. (TT, RR) (Dennis is racing as part of the Alberta Provincial Team !!), Charles B. (TT, RR, Crit), Keith B. (TT, RR, Crit)

Master Men C: Michael G. (TT, ?), Rick C. (TT, RR, Crit), Carlos S. (TT, RR)

Master Women: Sandra Y. (Jr. Team Coach)

P.S. At the TT, the CCA will be enforcing the 3:1 aspect ratio rule for handlebars, even for Master's. I just finished taping cardboard strips onto the bottom of my basebars to get them thick enough. According to the foks at the ABA, that should suffice, but don't quote me to the officials!

How to make your TT bike UCI Legal


polishbaba said...

Sandra is at National (junior/masters) but coaching Junior Alberta Team

Rick C said...

Rick C at Master C - all

Dennis said...

I'll be racing the RR as well (Masters B).

Will anyone be up in Edmonton this Sunday (June 27) to watch Trev and Lockie in the 180 km RR on Groat Road? Doesn't 180 km seem like a long distance? It's got 3 x 1 km (approximately 40 metres elevation) hill climbs per 12 km lap... so I guess they do something like 15 laps. Wish I was there to watch it. The elite ITT is tomorrow...

Darcy G said...

Mike G. and I are heading up Sunday morning to run feed zone.

Thomas said...

Master A, all in.

Charles said...

Master B Road Race and Crit for me!

Keith Bayly said...

Master B.
All three events.

Good luck to Trev, Lochie and the ladies this weekend.

Carlos said...

Carlos S (Masters C)

I'll be in the RR and TT

Dan Sigouin said...

I'm in for all 3 races. I have no idea what level I am in though. Where do you see that?

Thomas said...

30-39 years of age is Master A
40-49 Master B
50-59 Master C

Unless you registered as an elite on your racing license, then you have to race as an elite.

Simon said...

Good luck all Speed Theorists... I can't be there - but am starting the BC Bike Race today so will by flying the ST flag on the dirt!

Shawna said...

Shawna D - Road Race and Crit

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