Thursday, June 10, 2010

Instead of actually training....

I had an idea today. Wouldn't it be cool to video an entire triathlon race from the 1st person? So I tested out the head strap mounted under my swim cap with the camera poking out. I think this is going to look super cool with the start of Sunday's race being 400 people all jumping in the water at the same time.

I may only get a few seconds of Kyle, but usually Jared, Tanya, Frank, and I are swimming near each other for most of the race, so it will be cool if they could smile for the camera. (I only included Frank in that list to be nice).

Don't watch the flip turns on a full stomach !!


Ryan said...

I feel like I just rode the tea cups at Stampede.

Dennis said...

Trev you only breathe on one side?

Very cool... extra motivation to complete it in under 2 hours so your batteries don't go dead. :D

Slayer Dan said...

What the hell was that, no bilateral breathing?!

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