Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bici ITT Race Report: Supplemental

This weekend marked the shortened Bicifest race with a 18.3K ITT out in Strathmore. Speed Theory arrived in force armed with some newly acquired skin suits (thanks James T). What started as a windless sunny morning soon changed into a typical prairie day as the local winds kicked up to a surging tempest of doom. Not to be deterred our team put down some serious hurt:

Results found here

Cat 5: Steve Kenny 2nd, Mike Godfrey 4th and the rest of the Cat5s rounding out the top half of the results.

Cat4: Alex Shaw 1st, James T 7th.

Cat 3: Rod 'I don't like Time Trials' McAlister 4th, Jason rode a heroic 18K with a wonked out wheel that would have reduced most men to tears and still beat RobW.

Cat 2: Steve G hammered and placed top 10 ( I believe)

Trev also posted a blistering 10K time in Cranbrook, however RobW did manage to finish his TT faster and will not be kicked off the team for being a slow-ass. In other news, this was a great day for the team and really puts us in a great spot for Velocity next week. We've got some firepower and solid team effort. For those Speed Theory-ians who made their racing debut today, congrats on a strong showing.

Also, teammates Kyle Marcotte, Jared Green, Mike Chewy, and Ryan Murray competed in the Police Half Marathon on Sunday. Ryan is continuing to lay down great results in his build for IMC this year. Results. Unfortunately, Kyle had to pull out due to a calf strain suffered close to the 7km point. Reports seem to indicate that cash was seen transferring between Scott Jensen and a henchman armed with a bb gun prior to the race. Coincidence?

[Edit by Trev] Here are a few photos I found on


Jared Green said...

Nice work on the TT's this weekend.

The police 1/2 was a lot of fun. Amazing weather, good organization, good course. They don't let you run with a baby jogger though, so Nyah had to stay home.

Ryan absolutely tore it up out there. Nicely done!

It was also great seeing all of the SpeedTheory spectators and racers out there. Thanks for the cheers.

Carl Miiller said...

2008 Bicifest ITT results can be found at:

I don't know how to attached the file, someone will have to give me the Blogger 101 course some time.


Mark said...

Just wondering if I had the fancy helmet, skin suit and bike if I could have shaved off an extra 1:30 to match Rob's time. Pretty happy with my first race.

Good showing everyone!


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