Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our team for Velocity

Cat 5Cat 4Cat 3Cat 2
Mike CA-TrainKristianTrev
Rob WThe CruxJasonSteve
Rob L


Mr. Kenny

Mike G

Our plans have yet to be fully finalized so please keep checking the blog throughout the week for updates. Failure to do so will result in a great deal of ridicule and public shaming.

The general plan at this point is as follows:

Friday Night (Operation Friday Night Lights):
Everyone will be heading up to Edmonton at different times. I would suggest immediately going to Velocity Cycles, submitting your license and signing the waivers. From there, grab a bite and head to Fort Saskatchewan to our humble lodgings. If we all arrive at a decent time, I propose a quick meeting then tune up your rides and get some much needed sleep.

Saturday (Operation Lactic Acid):
The TT start times will likely be posted at Velocity Cycles on Friday, if not no need to panic as we should all head to the TT together. I suggest bringing your own breakfast food because Fort Sask is a little short on culinary outlets, there is a timmies. We'll warm up and crush the TT they cool down. Keep sharp because we have to depart for the Alberta Research center for the crit. I propose heading directly to the crit from the TT. There are some lunch spots available but time is tight again, bring something you can scarf ahead of the crit. When the crit is completed we will head up the road to Olive Garden for a bite, plan out the RR and then back up to fort sask for some sleep.

Sunday (Operation Pain Train)
Sunday is pretty simple, get up, eat go to road race, win road race, go home. At any rate this one is the easiest planning-wise.

Stuff to bring (this is not an exhaustive list sprinkle in some common sense please)
1) Your Bikes and all associated biking stuff: Helmet, jersey, shoes etc.
2) Bring all of your on bike nutrition, you won't have time to scrounge for any up north
3) Bring bike gear for warm weather.
4) Bring bike gear for cold weather.
5) Bring bike gear for snowy-rainy weather.
6) Bring some street clothes you're comfy in. You won't be refused service at Olive Garden in your kit but you will get beaten up.

RobW and Trev will be bringing tools and such, please remember to bring your own flat kit for the road race (if you wish).


Anonymous said...

I will be there

Rod M.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Guys
I won't be there
The Crux

Trev said...

Sorry Rod, I wrote that in a hurry this morning. Rob is going to spruce it up a bit at lunch.

And.... what James ?!?! What happened?

And... can I get the skinsuits from you sometime this week? I will get ST's cheque written now that Paul is in town.

Anonymous said...

who is this Frank guy from TRS?
Sounds like a jerk, and whats he doing in cat 2?
He's lucky he's not in cat 3 I would yell at him all day.

Rod M

Anonymous said...

What's with the over 50 guys being called "Mr." all of a sudden? Mr Healy and Mr Kenny may not be appreciative of the ouvert age descrimination practices of the team. :)

Could the over 50 guys get an exemption from the WORD VERIFICATION process. Our ability to figure out the letters deteriorates with age.

Rob said...

HA! The Mr. thing is more out of respect. Mr. Healy and Mr. Kenny own at the TT. When you're that good they call you mr.

Anonymous said...

Could we change Sunday to Operation Terry Tate?

Rod M.

Anonymous said...

ok guys,
to change the subject, is anyone have a spare seat for me and my bike to go to saskatoon??
stevo g

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