Wednesday, April 16, 2008

UFC and 20km TT weekend.

Mike has reserved us a table at Melrose to enjoy UFC. Meet us at around 7:30pm for a great line-up of fights. UFC, being held in Canada for the first time, have managed to get a Canadian in most fights, which is cool. We know who to cheer for.

More info on the UFC fight line up here.

The 20km TT is not a 'focus' race for the club, but is definately recommended as it will be great practise for the upcoming Bici TT and Velocity TT. It will whip your butts into shape and should be a good time if it's not snowing.

For Sunday morning, meet at 10:20am in the specified parking lot. Bring your trainer. We will go through a group warm up, as a proper warm up is very essential for a short TT like this one. We will try to sign up 'enmass' so we all line up together and go into battle together.

More info on the race here.


Anonymous said...

Its supposed to be a high of -6 C with flurries on Sunday. When will we know if the race is called off?

Trev said...

The Crankys are good at updating their site if a race is in question. Just check their site at around 9am Sunday morning.


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