Monday, April 28, 2008

Cat 5 Ride #4

Email from Dan Sigouin:


I wanted to send a quick congratulatory note to all those that raced yesterday in Strathmore. The conditions were good with a challenging head wind coming home to keep you smiling.

It would be great to see a good turnout this week for the Cat 5 training ride. I don’t have access to the blog site during the day time and it would be easier to advertise there, someone may have to forward the invites there for me.

Barring last week, we have had moderate attendance to what everyone thought would be very important training sessions. For us to really be successful at races we need to be confident in our skills at pacelining, drafting and matching accelerations etc. This week is not good for me because I have to build a bird house with my son for father’s day. It’s my present from him.

I would like feedback from everyone on the time that I have suggested. I will not be able to continue riding on Tuesdays because of my teaching commitments at SAIT starting on May 7th. My schedule will not allow me to ride Tuesday and Thursdays until after June 12th so I am proposing that we select another evening if the training rides are to continue with me as a participant.

To summarize, is there a better evening that will work for more people?; do we want to have a different start location and time? We will not be able to satisfy everyone so it will have to be organized based on the most numbers.



p.s. Hey Mr. Healy, get better soon, we’re thinking about you!


Lockie said...

Mon, Tue and Wed all work for me, the closer to 5:30pm the better.

Carl Miiller said...

Mon, Tue & Wed work for me earlier as well.


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