Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moment of Truth, Crankmaster 20km TT #1 / Glencoe Icebreaker 10km run

Well, it was the first race of the season, and SpeedTheorists gave a great showing today as they dusted off their racing legs and gave a rolly 20km TT a try. In previous years, the Crankys have chosen flat TT routes, not so anymore. Check out the elevation profile, provided by our Andy Hill.

The conditions were excellent. A moderate head/cross wind on the way out, and a tail/cross on the way back.

It seems 'the teacher' managed to hold back one small shred of knowledge, but only managed to squeak out beating A-Train by ONE SECOND !! I must now realize that I will probably get destroyed by him in subsequent TTs. But I will NOT go down without a fight :) I have already logged 2 high intensity workouts in the time between the race and posting this (4 hours after the race).

Trevor Gunderson demolished the field with a very impressive 26:22 for this time of year. Lev continues to impress everyone with his speedyness in Master D.

A big THANK YOU to the Crankmasters for hosting a great event.

Here are our club results:

Trev Williams 28:35
Alex Shaw 28:36
Stephen Kenny 30:20
Rod MacAlister 31:13
James Tallian 31:19
Rob Lukacs 31:32
Dan Sigouin 32:13
Steve German 32:30
Mike Healy 33:08
Rob Woolley 35:32
Andy Hill 39:34

Full results here

You can click on these photos to make them larger. They show Andy, Steve, A-Train, and Rob heading out from the start line.


There were several members of our club that competed in the Glencoe Icebreaker 10km this morning as well.

Kyle Marcotte had an excellent time of 34:28 finishing 5th overall.
Jared Green pushed his daughter Nyah in a titanium ultra-light Chariot for an unbelievable time of 39:05 (That boy is fit). However, the judges are still looking for photos as it is believed Jared cut two legs holes in the chariot and allowed Nyah to assist him by pushing Flintstone-style.
Sandra Yaworski finished second in her age-group with a 43:24.
Frank Woolstencroft ran to a 'faster-than-last-year' performance of 35:31
Trev ran a 35:14 which is a minute slower than last year :(

The weather was perfect for the run. Dry streets, calm winds, and perfect temperatures.

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Rob said...

Guys be honest, do those shorts make me look fat?

Looks like another season of Lantern Rouge for me. HOORAH.

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