Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prepare for Sunday's TT with this New Zipp Product

From Zipp, press release: (Speedway , Indiana, April 1, 2008.) Zipp products today announced the release of the Zipp Speed Weaponry Aerodynamic Dimpling Device (SWADD). " The effect of dimpling rims was so great, it was logical to take this technology to other parts of the bike, team car, furniture, etc." Said Steve Hed, senior engineer at Zipp. The head is solid CNC'd titanium with a high modulus carbon fiber shaft, also molded with nanotubes and new proprietary picotubes. "We tried femtotubes, but the cost-benefit at $100,000 per gram seemed too high".

This technology is optimized for aluminum, steel or titanium frames, further wind tunnel tests showed striking results, bikes caught fire from air friction.

This device will now cross over into the new line of "Zipp Weaponry", combining speed weaponry with military weaponry. "We hope that with technology like this, we can save enough drag such that a rider can theoretically win a race by just rolling to the start line." The SWADD weighs 1.2kg, this summer Zipp is releasing the SWADD-SL RED at twice the price for 1.18kg, but only 600 will be released, and you can't have one.
Available at Speed Theory Calgary store only on April 1, 2008.


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