Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recommended heart rate monitors?

What's everyone using for a heart rate monitor? I guess it makes a big difference whether I plan to run with it as well, right? I'm not terribly attached to my current bike computer, so perhaps a new cadence-speed-hrm bike computer is the way to go. Polar, Suunto, Garmin, or something else?


Kyle Marcotte said...

Timex is the way to go. Much more reliable and easy to use.

Trev said...

I had a Timex too that lasted for years. I was happy with it until the HR strap got stolen. Now it is just a good watch.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Garmin Edge 305 - i really like it so far. Don't liste to Kyle he has to say that 'cause he is sponsored by Timex ;)

Jared Green said...
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Jared Green said...

I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 (I do have the cadence adaptor for the bike too) and Tanya has the Edge 305. The Edge is nicer for the bike as it fits really well on your stem and has a bigger display. I attach my forerunner 305 to my stem, but it has to sit at a 90 degree angle, so you have to look at it a bit sideways. I am used to it now, so it is easy to see. I love the forerunner for running though. So, if you want the running benefit, go for the forerunner as it can do both running and cycling. I have heard of some people having issues with the heart rate monitor, but mine has worked perfectly for 2 years now.

Mike "Chewy" said...

I find my Garmin HR doesn't respond as quickly as my Polar HR monitor during the runs, especially with interval.

When I was training for my marathon over this winter, the Garmin refuse to function properly when temp. drops below -10 (i would have "no pulse" after 20 minute into my LSD run outside). I had my Polar for 3 years now and it has yet to failed me on my runs.
This is probably not a huge issue unless you train heavily over the winter, but it sure annoys the hack outta me when it wouldn't give me a reading.

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