Monday, April 21, 2008

Team Hotel for Velocity.

Most hotels are sold out around the Velocity Stage race area. I found one that isn't. It probably isn't of the highest 'quality', but it'll do.

I am going to call and book a place right now. Please leave comments if you need a place or would like to room with someone.

BOOK NOW ... this is a small community and they sell out.

Park Avenue Motel, Fort Saskatchewan
1 780 998-4468

So far:
Trev's room: Trev, Rob W., Alex, Frank (full)
Rod's room: Rod, Lachlan, Steve G., Mike C. (full)
James room: James, Mike G. (full)
Stephen K.'s room: Stephen and his family. (full)
Mike Healey's room: Mike, wife, and dog (full)
Ryan and Mark are staying at a different location.
Jason is staying at a different location.
Kristian is staying at a different location.


Lockie said...

Rod, I'm going to crash in your room, if that's okay. Don't get any funny ideas though ;)

Anonymous said...

sounds fine, but there is only a 1 queen size bed.
Rod M

Trev said...

Rod.. are you getting my emails today?

Anonymous said...

I am getting yours you just might not be getting mine.

Mike "Chewy" said...

Is all the rooms all filled up?

Anonymous said...

rod, ok for me to crash on couch?
steve g.

Anonymous said...

You get a bed, I switched the room to 2 queen size beds. There will be room for all of us.
You will have to chech with Trev but i think there is one spot left in my room. (I left Trev in charge of adding to my room to avoid confusion)
Rod M

Trev said...

Mike, you are officially in Rod's room.

Looks like we'll have a solid team up in Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

cool guys,
thanks for figuring all this out. looking forward to the trip

Mike "Chewy" said...

Anyone wanna carpool up to Edm next weekend?


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