Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rides this weekend.

Guys, the weather is supposed to be awesome.

Can several of you 'vets' post group ride start times and locations as posts so people wanting to join can comment on them that they'll be there?

To everyone:

Thanks for coming out last night and picking up our gear. We had 23 of 27 members make it last night.

We are also a club of 28 as we got a new member too ! Lachlan Holmes has bolstered our Cat5 rankings as of last night. He competed in the Cranky 20km TT and posed a 32:05 for his first TT ever. Nice.


Lockie said...

Ron and I are pretty sure they mucked up and I got 33:05...but I'm still pretty stoked with that.

Trev said...

OK, I have your gmail account, I will send you an 'invite' so you can post right now.


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