Monday, April 14, 2008

Paris-Roubaix Contest Results!

A huge congratulations to Mike Healy who is this year’s wise man of Paris Roubaix. Mike picked four out of the top five guys. Very impressive.

Both Rod and Nyah were very close as well, both picking three out of the top five. We should all feel a little ashamed that a 6-month old has more cycling knowledge then we do.

Should all donations come in, we will have raised $210 towards the scholarship. Mike will be awarded with a tax receipt in that amount and Timex training shirt.

Rob W made an extra donation. His excuse for not actually picking a couple of teams was that he’d been drinking. Rob... when in history has alcohol led us to make poor decisions? Poor excuse :)

Team Mike Healy 130
Team Rod#2 120
Team - Nyah 120
Team Rod#11 90
Team Myles 90
Team Marcotte#1 90
Team – Coeman 90
Team - Jason 90
Team Frank #1 90
Team #1: To Hell (Trev1) 50
Team Alex#1 50
Team Alex#2 50
Team – Tanya 50
Team – Jared 40
Team - German 40
Team Marcotte#2 30
Team Frank #2 10
Tean #2: From Hell (Trev2) 0
Team Sean Kelly 0


Trev said...

I don't care that Nyah beat me really. Or that a triathlete (Myles) beat me...

...but Frank beating me will keep me up at night.

Congrats Mike, very impressive performance forecast. The coverage on Cycling.Tv was exceptional. I turned it on and did not have one blip the entire broadcast. I streamed 1200kb/sec for 3 hours !!

Rob said...

Full throttle on the bottle!
Mad props MikeH, any comments on the NHL playoffs?

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