Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Will A-Train make his winning move in time?

We all know about A-Train's obsession with cycling's current top-hero Tom Boonen. Old news.
We all know A-Train is going to make his competition beg for mercy this year....
...or will he?

What some may not realize, or may just choose to block out of their conscience, is Tom's secret to success. For A-Train to emulate his hero, he better get growing ........ and cutting.

Here is a shot of Boonen making others fight for second:

And here is the result:

But let's take a closer look at that famous hairdo:

That is called a 'North American Traditional Mullet, paired with a Traditional Euro-Hawk'. There is a lot of tradition going on there, and maybe that's why it works.

Here is Tom's hero and mentor Laurent Brouchard, notice any similarities?

So Tom's mentor is a World Champion. A-Train's mentor is a World Champion.

Ergo, for A-Train to succeed, he must get growing..... and cutting.

Note: A-Train usually pictures Tom like this in his head.


Anonymous said...

Matbe the team should have a Mullet competition.
Kyle and myself could fight it out for best Skullett.
Rod M.

Rob said...

Don't DO IT ROD or Kyle

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