Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday Ride

This City has crazy weather!

Anyways, unless Mr. Forecast has this wrong as well, it is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Therefore I'm going riding and anyone is welcome to join. I plan to leave the Extreme Bean on Parkdale Avenue around 1:00pm and head out west somewhere.

Leave a comment if you are going to join so we don't leave without you.

Here is map to Extreme Bean.


Anonymous said...

I might be interested ... what is the "pace" of this ride going to be?


A-Train said...

Nothing crazy, maybe a sign sprint here or there but it won't be a full out drop fest.

Carl Miiller said...

I'll be there as long as it isn't snowing again.


Kristian said...

Sounds good, I'm pretty sure I'm in. Extreme Bean is on Memorial Drive off the river bike path right?

Lockie said...

I'm down for sure. How many hours are you planning to be out?

A-Train said...

I figure we want to enjoy as much of the good weather as possible so I figure about 3-4 hrs or so. This will depending on how everyone feels and what everyone's time restraints are. I'm pretty flexible, I just want to ride.

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