Friday, April 25, 2008

Bici TT. 'The SpeedTheory TEAM'

The team will congregate in the Strathmore Civic Center. Please bring a trainer and warm up inside with the team. Try to get to the civic center early to get your race numbers and have plenty of time to warm up without being in a rush.

The vets will go through some warm up advice for the Cat4/5 guys. For a race of 18km, a long warm up is in order.

Race technical guide found here.

Several teammates are going to head out from Strathmore for a ride after the TT. I believe Stephen Kenney and Lachlan are the guys to see about that while you are warming up.

Good luck guys. I will be hammering a 10km running road race in Cranbrook at about the same time you guys are hammering your 18km TT.

No holding back on this one guys.

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