Thursday, April 10, 2008

UFC night ... at Melrose

One of our better connected team dudes is getting us a table at Melrose for April 19th for the most anticipated UFC line up of the year !

This is great opportunity to watch some entertainment and get us pumped for the TT racing the next day. We need about 7 people for Melrose to agree to reserve us a table. Please comment here if you plan on coming.

The fight card is totally awesome ! Even Jason Macdonald from Edmonton is fighting!


Carl Miiller said...

Which TT is happening April 20th? Didn't have anything marked on my calender.


Anonymous said...

Crankmasters Airdrie Adreneline

Trev said...

Carl, have a look at the Google Calendar to the right of this post. We have listed all club events and races.

Look on for details about April 20th. It is not a 'focus' race for the club, however it is good practise.


Lockie said...

I *would* be down for sure, except that I'll be carbo-loading and hydrating in TO (buddy's stag). Next time, for sure.

A-Train said...

I'm totally down. Go GSP!!!

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