Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bicisport Circuit Race CANCELLED

[From the ABA website]

Race City staff has informed race organizers that the road course still has snow and ice in some areas and the drag strip needs a couple of day of warm sunshine to dry out and be rideable. (Drag strips have a coating that becomes extremely slippery when wet, very bad for bikes).

Since the weather forecast is for cold and possible snow until Saturday, it is doubtful that the track can be in a safe condition for racing by the afternoon even with the promise of warmer temperatures. Therefore Circuit race will unfortunetly have to be cancelled for this year.

The Time Trial however will proceed, and the start time will be moved up to 11AM. Registration will continue on-line until Friday, and the start list posted on Saturday on the BIcisport website. The cost for everyone will be $20.


This is too bad guys, but I am glad they are making the call early so we can all adjust our weekends accordingly. Hope most people can make TT on Sunday.


Lockie said...

Don't worry, the time your race is due to start, the track will have been swept clear of snow by falling cat 5 racers. ;) (no ST guys though, of course)

Jared Green said...

I am not worried about our cat 5 guys getting involved in any of the crashes. You don't have to worry about someone crashing into you when you are off the front.

Anonymous said...

I talked to James Purdy and the ABA will post something on Thursday to let us Know what is going on.
Rod M

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