Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clothing Spreadsheet has been created.

OK, the spreadsheet will be going out Monday morning. It is being sent to team members through the Karelo mailing list. If you have not received it by Tues. morning, email me or leave a comment. You will have until Feb. 13th to have a cheque written and your completed spreadsheet emailed back to me.

If you are not a race team member yet, and plan to be, we will not have extra clothes this year. Therefore, it is time to register if you want clothes for early season races. People that decide to join at a late date can use the ST jersey from the store, however it won't be as cool as ours and the correct size won't be guaranteed.
I am excited about this team kit since it will be an improvement on Alberta's best kit already and it will only be available to race team members !!


Fausto said...

I tried on some of the clothing today at the store. I strongly recommend the race fit jerseys over the club fit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trev are all the shorts mens shorts, or are there womens short options?

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