Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday night,

It is a 10km throw down:
7:00pm Rob L. vs. A-Train (Rob, Alex, try to get there is little earlier to warm up the Computrainers)
Thomas Y vs. Mike H.
Trev vs. Dennis

Someone bring good stuff to eat for after the racing!


Dennis said...

Can we measure watts/kg as well?

Trev said...

Yes, however, since it is a rolly course it is not super useful. If you want this specifically, I can create a 10km hill climb for you and you can get your accurate watts/kg. The one you'll get if you race with us will be a 'real-world' over THAT course watt/kg. The course we have is a rolling affair that mimicks Calgary roads quite well. Let me know either way.

Rui said...

Can you email me your address?

Dennis said...

Yea, I guess I need your addy too.

I was thinking about something simpler, like taking the average watts and divide by the person's weight (so we weigh each person). The course profile you have is fine.

What kind of food did you have in mind?

Trev said...

Rad food.

Yes, we can definitely find your watt/kg for this course.

Address sent.

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