Monday, January 5, 2009

Spin classes sold out...lets get creative.

OK, well, hopefully we are not victims of our own success. We now have the total 20 spots for the spin classes for ST members sold out. We will also have Bonnie, Tracey, Kim, Mitzie, Diana, Lisa, Lindsay there. Alex and I. So we officially have 29 spinners. Yikes.

So on Jan. 12th, for our first spin, let's try out some new methods of setting up our bikes that will not lead to people sweating on each other or staring directly into each other's eyes.

I think we can do it, but we'll have to get creative.


RobLukacs said...

I can set up back in the maintenance area since I spend most of my time fixing my trainer anyways.

Scott G-C said...

I will ride in the carpeted area if that helps.

And with a series of mirrors I would even be willing to go into the back room.

Relentless said...

The holders of an undergrad in suffering should set up outside and look through the window :)

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