Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Team Clothing and making sure you are a member.

OK, we are going to get cracking on ordering clothing. I will be sending out the spreadsheet for you to sign up what, and how many, you want very soon. I will use the Karelo email list. So if you are not a club member yet and plan on racing for the team, it would be in your best interest to sign up very soon.

The modifications we are going to make to the existing jersey are:
1.)  Right under the main logo on the front and back we will have 'Race Team'. So it will say 'Speed Theory Race Team' in two lines. 
2.) We're going to add a red band around the left arm's sleeve, with 'Jason Lapeirre Memorial' written in black.

These jerseys will only be given to race team members, so that is really cool.

SO... morale of the story is:   You can definately become a race team member after this deadline coming up, however we cannot guarantee clothing for you right at the start of the season.

Forever hold your peace.

Here is a link to the manufacturer we will be using  There are several samples in the store so you can get an idea of the sizing scheme they use. Thanks Thomas for reminding me to add these points.


Thomas said...

Will we be able to try on samples for sizing?

Trev said...

Good question. They currently have a few samples at the store. Go in there and ask to have a look at them. I don't think they have a full range there, but you should be able to get a good idea of there sizing.

Thomas said...

Cool, sounds good. What brand is the gear?

Trev said...

Here is a link to it:

Kyle Marcotte said...

Skin suits?

Trev said...

You will be able to order, short sleeve or long sleeve, skin suit or 'speed suit', or fleeced or even a special cyclo-cross skin suit.

The options are totally awesome with this company. As long as we order 20 short sleeved jerseys..which we will, everyone will have the option of ordering whatever they want and we only need to order 1 if it is an unpopular item (like a MTB downhillers jacket).

Cool eh?

You will get a spreadsheet will all the options on it.

Right now Darcy is just figuring out the pricing of all the items.


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