Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanted: Campy 10spd Rear Derailleur

I'm in need of a new/used Campy 10spd rear derailleur as I've trashed mine recently. If anyone would consider selling a Chorus or Record rear derailleur please let me know.

Happy riding,

Jason W.


Trev said...

How the hell did you do that?

If no one responds, I think I have seen a few used Campy deraileurs behind the mechanic bench at ST.

Carson said...

That one looks fine - just use some Duct Tape :-)

PS - Ryan is slow

Jason said...

Trev - It blew up while I was doing hill intervals... lots of torque I guess?

Kyle Marcotte said...

I have a Centaur one if interested. I would trade it for a 6-pack.

Anonymous said...

Yes we do have a new one here at ST in stock as well if you would like to get a new one.

Jason said...

Kyle - SOLD! Let me know the type of suds you like and how we can hook up.

Rob said...

Holy Snap Jason! Nice work, that must have been a 400 MegaWatt surge or something. ;-)

Kyle Marcotte said...

Hey Jason,

Sorry for the slow reply. How about Guinbess.

email me dukyle at yahoo dot ca

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