Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Race Kit

There has been some development in terms of ordering race kit for this year. Please stay tuned as we are going to make a separate order for the club and I will need your responses soon in a timely manor. I will send out a mass email over Karelo in a few days as well as post here.

Because we are making a separate order, we have the opportunity to slightly modify the jersey to make it unique to racing members. I would only want to do something subtle though, so dudes that want to use last year's jersey still can. I am thinking of putting 'Cycling Race Team' under the Speed Theory logo. This would be cool, AND help to rid us of the stigma of being a bunch of triathletes.



Scott G-C said...

Sounds good, can't wait to get my new kit. Will we still have access to other items like arm warmer, vest, socks ...

Trev said...

As long as enough people want a specific 'accessory' then yes. I will send out a spreadsheet with the clothing options and you will basically fill in the quantity of each item and size you want. If, after I tally it all up, there is enough interest (to meet the minimum) in stuff like that, then for sure, we'll order it.

FYI: They have different minimums when it comes to 'accessories'. We can order one-offs of any piece of clothing that isn't deemed an 'accessory'.

Anonymous said...

I would be in for a pair of bibs and a jersey but will be out of town until the 27th. If for some reason the order needs to be in before then let me know.

Rod M

Anonymous said...

Can non-racing members order the 'special' jersey?

Anonymous said...

The last comment was from Diana by the way. :-)

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