Friday, January 16, 2009

Cycling Kit Question


On Tuesday night I did a really good workout in the basement and just had a kit question. Lockie may have the best answer to this.

When I was getting my cycling shorts on I noticed that I was trying to coordinate my shorts and the holes in the shorts from my TR crash, to the scars under the shorts. Is that something that you should just look beyond. I know Trev likes to make sure that he lines up his shorts to his tan lines and I was just thinking that this might be somewhat extreme.

If anyone has any suggestions on this, I am kind of looking forward to Lockies response, I think he had the most crash landings last year.


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Lockie said...

It turns out that when I crashed, my shorts got pulled around as they melted. So despite my scars being on my hip, the holes are closer to my crotch...some people in the ST spin class would say "too close".

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