Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on the Jason Lapierre Memorial Scholarship

Here is just a short update on the fundraising activities for the Jason Lapierre Memorial Scholarship.

To date, we have raised $18,649.42. The annual scholarship has already been given out once, and I would expect an announcement for this year's recipient soon.

For more information on how to donate, please visit:

On behalf of the organizers of the scholarship, I would like to thank all those who have donated. I apologize if I missed anyone, I know those Speed Theory members who have donated through Karelo have not yet been included. Thanks also to those who have played/donated to our annual TdF contest, where funds have gone to the scholarship.

Alliance Pipeline Limited Partnership
Myles Gaulin
Harold (Hal) & Jill Kuntze
AltaGas Utility Group
Michael Hayes
Michael Chui
Bruce (Cameron) Druery
Leanne Yomehas
Norman Hall
Paul Connolly
Dorothy Hall
United Way of Calgary
Josie Daub
Paul Anderson & Krista Morgan
Jared Green & Tanya Salomon
Josie Bellemare
Kelly & Yoshie Plato
Kimberly Townsend
Geoff & Colleen Badger
Connie Hart
Scott & Krista Jensen
Alex Shaw
Greg & Naomi Nicholson
Brian & Nancy Marcotte
Kyle Marcotte
Lance White
Just Friends Hospitality Ltd.(Friends Cappuccino Bar & Bake Shop)
Peter and Lara Keiley
Nancy Hayes
Martin Dixon
Charlie Cooper
Mike Healy

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