Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Retiring of a Hockey Legend

Hey everyone,

Recently the Vancouver Canucks retired the jersey of good ole number 16. Sent it to the rafters and honored him and what a classy individual is. I am sure it was a touching moment for some, for me I couldn't watch without covering myself in my own vomit. A stadium full of hypocrites and losers!

Sure the playoffs to the Stanley Cup are a tough battle, yahdy yahdy yahdy! Have you ever seen Bear Creek? Have you ever fallen into a sink hole of mud and bacteria so deep you almost had to get a long line from a helicopter to lift you out? Have you even stuck behind some fat german lady eating strudels and spetzels in the middle of the trail forcing you to fall off the trail and landing in a waste lumber pile at the bottom of a huge cliff and having to get you arm reattached with duct tape, fishing line and a quick chain link! (Slight exaggeration on the arm part :)

Those types of challenges bring out the worst in people and I saw it first hand from the leagues classiest player. It is those types of challenges that will bond Speed Theory together to take on all of the other teams again this year. If it's not the wheel sucking ERTC boys from Edmonton to the classless riders at Transrockies, our bonding as a team will allow us to prevail.

Sometimes I wish I was at the stadium that night so I could have had a mega phone or even the arena microphone and as he walked to ice level, I would have been screaming, "North Shore Rider Coming Through, North Shore Rider Coming Through!"

Happy New Year,


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Relentless said...

Good to see your back to your classic edgy blogging form. The club should take insurance out on you, if you disappear we would be sad but have a well funded club :)

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