Saturday, January 24, 2009

UFC 94

It is not position to make unilateral decisions on behalf of the club, but the time has come for a team get together, bonding over guys who suffer as much as we do.

Next Saturday, January 31 is UFC 94. Canadian bad ass Georges St. Pierre, current Welterweight champ is fighting BJ "the Prodigy" Penn for the championship. These two guys had a war a few years ago that went to a split decision for St. Pierre. It will be a great fight.

I can set up a table for us at Melrose, great place to watch UFC, the atmosphere will be awesome as this is a highly anticipated fight. I will likely need to make the reservation by Wednesday of next week, so anyone interested in coming respond to the post.



Fausto said...

Count me in.

I love mma. I can't wait for this bout.

Keith Bayly

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have to to that.

Lockie said...

Crap, I'm booked to spend that weekend with the in-laws. Hopefully my mother-in-law likes UFC!

RobLukacs said...

Count me in!

Thomas said...

Hey Michael count me in too.
What time you all going down there?

Trev said...

I'm in. Let us know when.


mgodfrey said...
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mgodfrey said...

Gents, I have requested a table for 6. I will post when I get confirmation from the club and what time we need to be there.


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