Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friday night pain extravaganza

OK, those that are interested, leave a comment here that you can be at my place at 7pm Friday night. Bring your trainer and your bike and your Rambo tolerance for pain.

You have until Thursday night to commit. Friday morning, I will group the racers into 2 and we can go through the night smoothly and painfully.

As for workouts, I will tailor Wed. to be a little harder than normal to prep you for Friday night, then do an easy 2 X 30min (morning and night) on the rollers in the small ring on Thursday, or 1 easy 45min session. Watch Fight Club if you can.


Dennis said...

Awesome! I have to miss this wednesday session because I'm in SF on business so Friday sounds good.

Anonymous said...

When on Friday is is?

Trev said...

The fun starts at 7pm. I will let Alex go first so you guys can see the pain reference level and know what to expect. Then we'll cycle through the pairs quickly after that.

Rui said...

i'm in

RobLukacs said...

I'm in! Can't wait to crush Alex

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