Monday, April 9, 2012

Clothing Round 2...LAST opportuniy to get clothes this year!

First of all, look at the post below. Harley is an amazing club volunteer and has lots of experience to share with the club. This is what you signed up for !!  The rides on Sunday were really well attended, this is great! We are gathering momentum. Get out and take advantage of Harley's 'Skills Nights' !!

Secondly... Thomas has opened up the second and FINAL round of clothing orders for 2012. We are going to make this short and sweet. Go to this link and order your clothes now. You have until April 17th. Don't wait until April 18th as it will be too late.

Thanks to everyone who made Sunday morning fun! Good turn out and too much food !

Boonen! Boonen! Boonen!



Reinier said...

Trev or Thomas, is it still possible to buy a jacket? Or is this order only open to jersey and shorts?

Harley Borlee said...

Hey Treve! when is the first clothing order due to arrive?

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