Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prairie-Roubaix III It's go time !!

The weather looks like it is going to be favorable! So make sure to gather your friends on Sunday morning and head out for some wicked racing!

Above all:  RACE SAFE.

DON'T be intimidated to come out and race. This is the PERFECT time to try out your first race. Just show up, line up, ask questions if you have them, and hammer.

1.)   Read the tech guide.

2.)  Park OUTSIDE the race loop and ride your bike to the start.

3.)  This is a racer-policed event. Don't make other racers feel uncomfortable by being 'unsporting'. Just race hard and play by the rules. You all know them. If you break the rules, we will blog about you! If you have questions, just ask. If ever in doubt during the race, opt for the safe solution every time.

4.)  If you start in Cat A, you can only draft Cat A racers. Same through to Cat C.
4a.) The unofficial 'group' the women usually sign up for is Cat C, but it is by no means mandatory (say if you want a longer race). If we get over 30 women, we may race you as a separate group. Although, mixing the groups is one unique thing we can do at this event that you can't at an ABA 'points race'.

5.) The Ambulance will be parked at the SE corner. Tell your spectators where it is just in case.

6.)  Women race free, but still need to sign on and get your number.

7.)  I will talk to EVERYONE at 8:50am and then we can get our race moving. Be sure you are at the Start/Finish area in time to register, drop your extra clothes at the table, talk some serious trash, and be ready BY 8:50am.

8.)  Thank the volunteers as you fly by.

See you all on Sunday, I am pumped to hammer !!

Trev and STC

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