Friday, April 27, 2012

Midweek Mayhem: Registration and "Learn to Crit" Nights

Midweek Mayhem, Calgary's summer long Tuesday night crit series, starts up in May. Registration will open this Sunday. Go here.

May 1 and 8 are "Learn to Crit" nights. There won't be any racing, but a lot of teaching and practice. So, if you want to try crits, but are a little nervous about high(ish)-speed cornering and pack riding, come on out and learn from some old hands that have lots of experience (Note: This won't be me. I'm old and have experience, but my experience is getting dropped and lapped). You don't have to register for the crit series to come out May 1 and 8. Email midweekracing{@} to register for "Learn to Crit".


Rick C said...

You know that's a DEmotivational poster right Darcy?

Darcy G said...

Just a little encouragement to "don't be that guy". =) =)

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