Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flat tyres from PR

This may seem like a bit of an odd request, but if you happened to flat on the gravel at PRIII this weekend, I would love to get your blown up tyre. In a quest to keep the trophies from PR as unique and as authentic as possible we are offering you the chance to have your "war momento" immortalized.

To be clear we are not looking for a tyre that gave up the ghost on a training ride, we are looking for something that "died with it's boots on". If you have a tyre that legit didn't make it to the finish of PRIII please keep it and even better keep track of where on the course it blew out and any other interesting details. We can then arrange a time and place for me to get the tyre from you along with the relevant supporting documentation.

Again I stress we are looking for the actual tyres that blew out in the race, we are doing this on the honour system.

Thanks, now back to the real business of the blog, make sure you check out Jamie's post about WNS, or go to the training forum to see about Dan & Harley's TNT tomorrow night or hit up the post about the Cranky's TT on Sunday.


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