Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy lots of rides today!

Thanks to Harley, Dave, and Marcy for leading three separate rides leaving at different times today, that was awesome. I was on Harley's ride and there were 10 of us rolling along!

Make sure to take advantage of the training forum, especially if you are a new member. Marcy is offering all her rides for everybody, but really wants to focus on the women contingent, so make sure to show up for her rides.

Dave, great idea (see post below) and I love the focused training. You are absolutely right about the dedicated practice required and I encourage people to come out to this. I will try to make these rides when possible.

Make sure to be watching this site early this week for times for this Sunday's big team breakfast while Boonen flexes his awesomeness again. This will be early enough you can come watch Paris-Roubaix and then head home for an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids, or head out for a ride. Marcy will be leading a ride to the Prairie-Roubaix after the breakfast and I will get a couple more ride leaders locked in!

See you on the road or Sunday,

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