Saturday, April 21, 2012

Custom Trophies for a Unique Event. Prairie-Roubaix III Trophies for 2012.

Mike Godfrey just sent me what he has been working on all day. This included going to the race course and getting gravel from Glendale Road itself.

The winners of each division (Cat A, B, C, Women) will now have bragging rights AND a custom trophy to hang over their mantel or just carry around and start up a conversation with.

We are going to attempt to have results this year. We are going to do it by copying down racer numbers once they hit a little corral about 50meters past the finish line. So when you finish, head to the corral, and align yourself by your position, this will be the responsibility of the racer. In my experience, most of the time, people know who was in front and behind them right after the finish, when it is on an uphill after a hard course. We will write down your number as you come through the corral. Results aren't really super important, a good race is. This event is all about a good race, but we we thought it would be a nice touch to try to collect some results.

See you tomorrow, it is supposed to be a beautiful day!


mgodfrey said...

A couple of notes on the trophies they are a map of the course, complete with a gravel section (I can't promise if it is to scale or not)

Each one has a different quote from Jens Voigt (only the most fun rider EVER).

The Div A quote is "Every time I race I will race so fiercely my legs will cry"... not a bad game plan.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow, it is going to be a great day!

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