Monday, April 23, 2012

Results and Photos from PRIII 2012

Here are the results. Click Here.. it is an Excel Spreadsheet.

There were about 12 people taking photos on Lochend Road... can you post your website albums in the comments or email them to me and I will include them in the post here? I am sure everyone would love to see the photos!



Reinier Paauwe said...

Thanks for getting these results up Trev!

One duplicate though in B race, 3rd and 14th are same person.

Reinier Paauwe said...

Also, can anyone provide an update on injured rider(s)?

Callum said...

For the curios, the finishing time for the C's was much faster than 1:30:00. I clocked 1:26:00 and came in 13th, so the leaders must have done better than that!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, and to all of Speed Theory for generally being awesome!

Callum said...

Also there was at least one woman who beat me to the finish, so they did a better time as well.

Craig D said...

Injured Rider was Scott Manktelow of RMCC. He broke his collarbone, but seemed in (relatively) good spirits at the end of the race.

PS on the A results - Dan Wood is missing (I believe he was 2nd) and I rolled in right after Isaac Miles in the A group not 36th in the B group.

Craig D.

kingstrup said...

Thanks to all the volunteers. Here is more timing data: Clocked ~1:27:30 and was 16th in the "C" Catagory. Cheers, Keith

Trev said...

I am going to temporarily pull the results for a sec. I think I 'sorted' incorrectly in my spreadsheet.

So that was Dan Wood and not Robin Clegg in 4th?


Alaric said...

Thanks for the great race. First time I've road raced in years, and what a blast.

No panic, but I am wondering if revised results are forthcoming?

Trev said...

Reinier, there were 3 riders that I know of:

Erik Bakke: some scrapes.
Scott Mankeltow: broken collarbone.
Andrea Hansen: cut upper forearm.

Craig, I have fixed your result, sorry, there was accidently a 'B' by your name when I sorted.

Craig, I don't even have Dan Wood in the race, Jon Wood was there though.

Remember everyone, we were relying on the racer to come through the corral and ensure their number was recorded. If the racer didn't come through the corral they were probably missed.

Thanks for coming out and let's have even more racers next year!

Clarke E said...

I think "Dan Weob" is Dan Wood. I know I was 5th in B and I didn't meet any Dan Weob in the corral afterward...

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