Sunday, April 22, 2012

A humble and heart felt thanks to the cycling gods

What a day for PRIII!

A big thanks to everyone who raced today and of course thanks to all the STC volunteers that made the race possible.

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding efforts.

And an even bigger shout out to all the people that chose PRIII as their 1st race. You may not know it yet but you have entered a whole new world. We hope you had fun today and hope that we will see you at more races this season. btw you rode a tough course today, obviously the gravel section is a unique challenge but as you experienced the rentless up and down nature of the course puts a sting in your legs.

I am sure Trev and others will have a more detailed post shortly with full race reports.

My personal thanks to the cycling gods, is for deciding to keep my rear tire together to the end of the race. The picture below is what I discoverd when I was putting my bike back in the car. Sorry to the many of you that had to walk home. It would be interesting to try to figure out how many new sets of tires and tubes were purchased as a direct result of the race today.

PS Tom Kenny assures me this was good for at least another 500km and he has a Rando background so I trust his judgement

[Editor] Here is the Garmin file from Trev's bike computer.



Reinier Paauwe said...

Haha, nice one!
I second that appreciation. After barrelling down the "cobbles" I was thinking my bottle cages were rattling excessively. Turns out my front wheel skewer was about 2 rotations from completely falling off!

Nicolas said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for putting on a great race today. After the race I forgot to go back and pay my $15 for entry, is there anybody I can contact to get that to you guys? I can drop it off whatever way is most convenient for you as well (cash or cheque).

Nicolas Andrichuk

Dan Alboiu said...

A few pictures snapped while controlling traffic.

Link to pictures


Justin said...

I was one of the first-timers out there on Sunday and I had a blast. I rode hard (for me) and managed to work together with a few different individual and groups. I had someone help me with a little advice for how to pull off when working together. Loads of fun and great spirit out there. I'll be back for more racing this year!


Tom said...

….I hit the gravel doing around 30kph as did the 20 other riders ahead of me. I nearly sh%4t my pants as the speed increased to 40. The sideways sliding bikes ahead of me caused me serious concern as to the long term viability of my current skin condition. Meaning, my skin was still attached to my body in the way that it was supposed to be attached. A condition I preferred to maintain. I looked for a line that would help keep the fillings in my teeth but none was to be found. I could see the smooth looking surface on the side of the road and it looked inviting. Gradually I steered my stead over to the succulently smooth surface only to find it was quicksand. My speed dropped and I put full power to the pedals as my front tire was sliding/plowing sideways into the ditch. My brain was processing the possibilities. 1) There is a hard object that will create a serious deceleration. 2) Don’t wet your pants. 3) this could be the end of me.
Fortunately I stayed upright and rode back up onto the road. The dust was settling from the pack ahead of me and it was going to be a challenge to catch back on. I could not.
I regrouped with some excellent riders. There were, on and off, 4 – 7 of us working together. On the second and third lap heading south we could see the main pack heading up the hill. By the fourth lap, sadly, they were no longer within sight. Riders came and went. Some caught on, others fell off. A few of us stayed together and got a great work out.

It was a grand day for racing. It felt good to be out and see old faces and new. Let the season begin!

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