Thursday, April 5, 2012

New look to the top of the website to highlight the TRAINING FORUM !!

The team website as it exists is a great place for any teammate to post interesting articles, announcements, trash talk, and race reports. However, make sure to hit the 'Training Forum' link above as that is where all the consistent action occurs. Go to that link and either join a ride, or post a ride for others to join. Make sure, if you plan on coming to a ride that is posted, to tell the ride leader! This is important!

Also, I just made a HUGE order from Cobs Breads for our big breakfast !! I wanted to get something way more upscale than Timmies muffins. I have been getting a LOT of confirmations directly to me, and I think there will be quite a few people there. Make sure to have this on your calendar!

See you Sunday!



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