Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What to Eat...

I have been asked to share with all of you new club members exactly what I take with me for nutrition on a 3 hour ride.

This is still one of the best topics to research and test out as a cyclist. Improper nutrition is the most common mistake made when cyclists begin riding with the pack. Poor nutrition can quickly take a fun group ride and turn it into a death march.

Remember to practice eating on the bike every 20 minutes and ensure you have access to your pockets to ride safe. Over time each person figures out what works best for them. This is what works well for me as these products seem to prevent any gastric distress (no preservatives, added sugar, coloring, gluten, dairy or soy)...

2 hour bottle of perpetuem by Hammer
1 bottle of Ultima
4 gels (Honey stinger, Vega, Gu)
1 pack of honey stinger chews
1 pack of cliff blocks
1 hammer bar
1 bottle of Vega recovery for post ride
1 bottle of Vega sports performance protein for post ride
*Note:The perpetuem has 300 calories in it so if you are not using this product (protein,fat,carbs) you will have to add more gels, blocks, chews and/or a banana.

For rides lasting longer than 3 hours I also bring real food. Peanut butter sandwich, banana, boiled potatoes, nut bars, cliff bar, Lance waffle etc.

Also, I purchase these products at to save some $$

Ride lots!!

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