Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crankmasters TT this morning! UPDATED with RESULTS

The Crankmasters TT this morning! If you are just getting up, debating about racing today, don't have any plans, maybe you forgot the race was onor worst of all trying to talk yourself out of it.

Our friends at Crankmasters are putting on a 20KTT. You still have time it starts at 11:30 in Airdrie. The course is pretty much flat, the was repaved last summer, has basically no traffic, and is sweet. This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet if you haven't done a TT before, a chance do a really good interval workout, our just hang out with the cool kids.

Here is the link to their site. Click here

If you rode yesterday, your bike is in the garage right now saying "I really had fun yesterday, can we go for another ride?! Please? I really like it when we go fast."

Besides this guy isn't racing today, something about a collarbone with a couple of plates, screws and other assorted hardware, so 1st place is still up for grabs.

RESULTS HERE.  Thanks to the Crankmasters for hosting this event!

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